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Add power to your currency exposure management. Big data and a smart digital assistant can do it for you

Our HEDGE21 smart digital assistants are at the forefront to your firm’s currency business. Their objective is protecting your firm’s bottom line from losses incurred in foreign currencies.


HEDGE21 digital assistants take data from your corporate supply chain, blend them with Artificial Intelligence based financial market insights, give algorithmic decision support to your hedging and do online risk monitoring of your firm’s currency business.


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Predictive Analytics in capital markets

Global Investor asked four questions: What about Predictive Analytics and capital markets? Read full interview (in German)...


Press Release

Hedge21 finds home at Alcazar's in the DIFC


Last update: February 13, 2019

IndraStra Publication

Flow Control: How new geo-economic ambitions reshape globalization

February 13, 2019

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HEDGE21 goes International Affairs

February 7, 2019

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