Hedge21 finds home at Alcazar's in the DIFC

HEDGE21 is a financial advisory service provided by ALCAZAR Capital Limited, a DFSA-regulated asset manager firm located in Dubai’s special economic zone (DIFC) for finance-related offerings.

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HEDGE21 is the latest advisory service launched by Alcazar Capital Limited, a DFSA-regulated asset manager firm located in Dubai’s special economic zone for finance-related offerings, the Dubai International Finance Center. With HEDGE21, Alcazar will bring a new service to their international clients who struggle with today’s political markets and their currency risks and commodity supply uncertainties.


The HEDGE21 team, consisting of both scientists and political consultants, fuses data from quantitative corporate budget plans with real-time mass data from capital markets and insights from international strategic and tactical behavior of global powers. Merged into a Recognized Market Picture(TM), the data fusion allows for a holistic understanding of corporate value chain risks.


Dr. Christian Brandlhuber, HEDGE21’s chief scientist, comments: “Alcazar’s decision to expand their offering with HEDGE21 is a significant milestone to provide international trading companies with 21st century digital concepts to better manage currency exposure from making business in foreign countries.”


“Following trade wars and protectionist economies, markets have become more political than ever. Both companies and their banks have difficulties to deal with great market uncertainty. But statistical concepts combined with artificial intelligence, especially deep learning methods, can take over algorithmic decision-making under uncertainty. And clients become even more eager to deploy 21st century technological concepts.”


To learn more about Alcazar’s HEDGE21 brand, visit https://www.hedge21.com or request a trial.


About HEDGE21

With HEDGE21, an Industry 4.0 service for international trading companies, CFOs and their treasurers go digital. Our scientists combine big data analytics for capital markets with geostrategic assessments and company-specific financial data to provide clients with artificial intelligence based digital assistants that meet clients’ needs to make optimal, timely, and cost-effective hedge decisions. HEDGE21 is a brand provided by ALCAZAR Capital Limited, a Dubai based Asset Management company regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority.


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